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New Year New Beginnings

I want to start by apologising for not having updated the website for some time. I got busy with commissions before Christmas, and then I really needed a break. I have spent the last two weeks sorting out my inventory, and trying to take better photographs. I now have a new phone that I hopeContinue reading “New Year New Beginnings”

Getting there

So, as usual when you want to do one thing, fifteen other things get in the way. I have been working on the website, working on getting better photos but cannot find my digital camera, working part time at my husband’s GP surgery typing up dictations as they have been low on staff, volunteering atContinue reading “Getting there”

Cowal Open Studios

Cowal Open Studios is a coalition of amazing artists working together creating among other things an open studio event over a weekend at the end of September every year, ending with a bank holiday Monday. Open Studios means that all people are invited to visit participating artists in their homes/studios/workshops/galleries to see where they work,Continue reading “Cowal Open Studios”

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