Chokers and shorter necklaces

Ocean Jasper macrame choker (021YS)

I admit, I am absolutely in LOVE with this carved flower. It is truly a statement piece. I always let the gemstones guide me when I create my pieces, and this flower pretty much demanded the macrame cords and some Ocean Jasper rounds to complement it. At the back is an extender chain so it can be quite close to the neck if you wish, or a touch more relaxed if you prefer.


Malachite in copper (692YS)

I wanted to do something different with this piece. I started with forming the wire, then decided that Malachite would be a perfect match with antiqued copper. When it came to the neck line, I did not feel that a chain was right, so brought out my beautiful shibori ribbons. Shibori comes from Japan, it is silk fabric folded like an accordion, painted by hand so each ribbon is unique. The colours of the ribbon fits perfectly with the green of the Malachite. It is definitely a statement piece.


Enamelled copper sheet pendant (418YS)

I have not made many enamel pieces, and this is the first one I have finished. I used powders and thin coloured glass rods of various lengths, and then used a torch to heat the enamel from underneath. It is not easy to stop at the right point to make sure you do not burn the enamel. I placed the pendant on a simple leather thong as it suits the natural materials. Length is 19 inches, but you can have a longer or shorter thong at your request. If you want to see a video or more pictures, please get in touch.