New Year New Beginnings

I want to start by apologising for not having updated the website for some time. I got busy with commissions before Christmas, and then I really needed a break.

I have spent the last two weeks sorting out my inventory, and trying to take better photographs. I now have a new phone that I hope will help me in this endeavour.

Tomorrow and over the weekend I will take photos and update the website, and then I will properly advertise and hope for some sales to come in via the website. I may not have given very clear directions as to how you would order an item or commission a piece here. I will change the info under each photo to show the inventory code as well as a price rather than info about the gemstone and metal. I will have special pages for sterling silver jewellery so it is very clear.

All you need to do to order or ask for more information about a piece or about a commission, is to send me a quick email or text message. If you want to buy a piece, simply send me the code of the piece and any special requirements regarding length of cord or chain, and let me know how you want to pay, and I will get back to you. The options are several; PayPal, bank transfer, card payment (over the phone) or cash if you want to pick the piece up in person.

I have chosen not to go with e-commerce as it makes hacking more likely and I am trying to keep things simple. If this does not work I may have to change this.

Sorry about a long post, but I wanted you all to be aware of what’s going on 😊 I had planned to have everything done by December, but the issues I had with my photography made it difficult as I really want to show the jewellery the best way I can.

Happy New Year and big hugs to you all for being patient with me figuring all this out ❤❤❤

Getting there

So, as usual when you want to do one thing, fifteen other things get in the way. I have been working on the website, working on getting better photos but cannot find my digital camera, working part time at my husband’s GP surgery typing up dictations as they have been low on staff, volunteering at Burgh Hall (Dunoon’s local gallery/exhibition venue/café and many other things) as well as dealing with day to day events.

I have also been creating as I have been itching to make things. Now and then I have taken a day off doing nothing much as that is also needed. It is now calming down a bit, so I have been able to get back to working on the website, and hopefully from now on I will work on it daily.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my latest creations. It is too dark now to take good pictures, and it is dinner time so I am taking the rest of the evening off. I am going to work on pictures and the website over the weekend…so looking forward to it:) Should not be much of “old stock” left to add after Sunday evening:)

Hugs to each and every one who is taking the time to visit my site. I appreciate you more than I can put into words! Once I am up to date with everything I will be holding a raffle to show my appreciation:)

Cowal Open Studios

Cowal Open Studios is a coalition of amazing artists working together creating among other things an open studio event over a weekend at the end of September every year, ending with a bank holiday Monday.

Open Studios means that all people are invited to visit participating artists in their homes/studios/workshops/galleries to see where they work, how they create and at times also join in and try something out for themselves. They are also able to purchase art/jewellery/cards/ceramics and anything else on offer.

I have now done the Open Studios three times since moving to the area. I was very lucky sharing the space with Anthea Gage the first year. She is a brilliant painter with a big following, which made my first experience of the Open Studios very positive 😀 The second year which was last year, covid had invaded our lives and until the last few days before it was due we did not know if it was going to go ahead or not. Luckily it did, but we had to make changes as we were not allowed to invite people to our spaces. Instead we gathered in a few halls around Dunoon, with me and 11 others in Burgh Hall. The public were very happy that it went ahead, and also that they were able to see more artists because we gathered in fewer places that they could get to easier.

This year we were back to having them in our homes/studios and so on. For me it was a little tricky as we have four cats that are indoor cats apart from having a large cat run. Also our house is quite long, and my studio is at one end and the door is at the other end. So, I decided to relocate the cats from their play room as it is perfectly located by the gate to the property, and it has its own entry. The cats were not at all impressed, but it ended up being the perfect location for me.

I had a lovely time and met a lot of lovely people.

Welcome to my new website.

Hi everyone, I have finally got to the stage where I have got a website. I am guessing it will take me some time to get it the way I want, as I am working on it myself. I am only hoping that I am not putting too much stock in my computer knowledge…lol

What I really want to create with this website, is a place to showcase my jewellery, but also show my gemstones so that you can choose a stone that speaks to you and have it made into a piece of jewellery or a brooch or even a suncatcher. I absolutely LOVE gemstones, whether they are expensive faceted stunning pieces or a rough slab of labradorite with the colours of the rainbow. I hope to share my love with you, and help you create something unique just for you or someone you love.

I am working on this website, so it will continue to change and update for a while. It is quite exciting and slightly scary as I have not built a website before. I have added a Mailchimp mailing list if you want to keep updated of new items added. I promise I will not be bombarding you with emails on a daily basis. Rather, they will be perhaps on a monthly basis, showing new pieces and gemstones, and if I have any exciting news.

This is me.

My name is Ylva. I was born in Sweden in the early 1970s as the youngest of four. I was a shy kid, but thanks to my lovely parents I never hesitated doing what I wanted. This lead me on a quite winding road, from doing a horse grooming course (learning to take care of horses, including replacing shoes that had fallen off) to working in a video store to help a good friend out.

I studied at Umea University, diverse subjects such as Religion Studies, English (which gave me a BA) and Library & Information Studies. While at University I met my now husband online. We spent more than 4 years keeping in touch via emails and phone calls, and when I finished University in the summer of 2000 I travelled to the UK for the first time. I met some lovely people, spent an amazing 10 days in Scotland with a lovely friend, and then I travelled to London to meet my now husband. Six months later, in January 2001, I moved to Croydon to live with the love of my life.

Fast forwarding a bit, we moved to Scotland in 2011 and I felt like I had come home. During a quiet spell I was browsing TV channels and found Jewellery Maker, and decided to buy a kit and give it a try. I have always loved crafts, doing embroidery, sewing, cardmaking and dabbling in many more. The first few years of making jewellery was just playing around, and as I learned more techniques I realised just how much I love it. Once I started doing macrame and wire weaving I was hooked…and honestly, being able to on a daily basis touch and admire gemstones of all kinds makes me so very happy.

I hope to continue sharing this love with you lovely people. One way of doing this is by doing commissions. I love working with my clients, making a piece they feel a part of by including them in the process.

I now live just outside Dunoon on the Cowal Peninsula, about an hour’s journey from Glasgow. I am part of an amazing collective of artists of all types, and feel like I have found my place on Earth.