New Year New Beginnings

I want to start by apologising for not having updated the website for some time. I got busy with commissions before Christmas, and then I really needed a break.

I have spent the last two weeks sorting out my inventory, and trying to take better photographs. I now have a new phone that I hope will help me in this endeavour.

Tomorrow and over the weekend I will take photos and update the website, and then I will properly advertise and hope for some sales to come in via the website. I may not have given very clear directions as to how you would order an item or commission a piece here. I will change the info under each photo to show the inventory code as well as a price rather than info about the gemstone and metal. I will have special pages for sterling silver jewellery so it is very clear.

All you need to do to order or ask for more information about a piece or about a commission, is to send me a quick email or text message. If you want to buy a piece, simply send me the code of the piece and any special requirements regarding length of cord or chain, and let me know how you want to pay, and I will get back to you. The options are several; PayPal, bank transfer, card payment (over the phone) or cash if you want to pick the piece up in person.

I have chosen not to go with e-commerce as it makes hacking more likely and I am trying to keep things simple. If this does not work I may have to change this.

Sorry about a long post, but I wanted you all to be aware of what’s going on 😊 I had planned to have everything done by December, but the issues I had with my photography made it difficult as I really want to show the jewellery the best way I can.

Happy New Year and big hugs to you all for being patient with me figuring all this out ❤❤❤

Published by YlvasCorner

I am a Swedish woman who moved to the UK in 2001 when I found my husband. Now we live in a small community on the west coast of Scotland and I make jewellery full time. I make unique pieces of jewellery, and I enjoy commissions when I collaborate with the client so that they are part of the journey. I am happy when my clients are happy:) I use several techniques as I cannot pick a favourite. I love wirework, silverwork, macrame, beading, shibori, pearlknotting and so on, and at times I mix techniques in one piece.

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