Getting there

So, as usual when you want to do one thing, fifteen other things get in the way. I have been working on the website, working on getting better photos but cannot find my digital camera, working part time at my husband’s GP surgery typing up dictations as they have been low on staff, volunteering at Burgh Hall (Dunoon’s local gallery/exhibition venue/cafĂ© and many other things) as well as dealing with day to day events.

I have also been creating as I have been itching to make things. Now and then I have taken a day off doing nothing much as that is also needed. It is now calming down a bit, so I have been able to get back to working on the website, and hopefully from now on I will work on it daily.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my latest creations. It is too dark now to take good pictures, and it is dinner time so I am taking the rest of the evening off. I am going to work on pictures and the website over the weekend…so looking forward to it:) Should not be much of “old stock” left to add after Sunday evening:)

Hugs to each and every one who is taking the time to visit my site. I appreciate you more than I can put into words! Once I am up to date with everything I will be holding a raffle to show my appreciation:)

Published by YlvasCorner

I am a Swedish woman who moved to the UK in 2001 when I found my husband. Now we live in a small community on the west coast of Scotland and I make jewellery full time. I make unique pieces of jewellery, and I enjoy commissions when I collaborate with the client so that they are part of the journey. I am happy when my clients are happy:) I use several techniques as I cannot pick a favourite. I love wirework, silverwork, macrame, beading, shibori, pearlknotting and so on, and at times I mix techniques in one piece.

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