Welcome to my new website.

Hi everyone, I have finally got to the stage where I have got a website. I am guessing it will take me some time to get it the way I want, as I am working on it myself. I am only hoping that I am not putting too much stock in my computer knowledge…lol

What I really want to create with this website, is a place to showcase my jewellery, but also show my gemstones so that you can choose a stone that speaks to you and have it made into a piece of jewellery or a brooch or even a suncatcher. I absolutely LOVE gemstones, whether they are expensive faceted stunning pieces or a rough slab of labradorite with the colours of the rainbow. I hope to share my love with you, and help you create something unique just for you or someone you love.

I am working on this website, so it will continue to change and update for a while. It is quite exciting and slightly scary as I have not built a website before. I have added a Mailchimp mailing list if you want to keep updated of new items added. I promise I will not be bombarding you with emails on a daily basis. Rather, they will be perhaps on a monthly basis, showing new pieces and gemstones, and if I have any exciting news.

Published by YlvasCorner

I am a Swedish woman who moved to the UK in 2001 when I found my husband. Now we live in a small community on the west coast of Scotland and I make jewellery full time. I make unique pieces of jewellery, and I enjoy commissions when I collaborate with the client so that they are part of the journey. I am happy when my clients are happy:) I use several techniques as I cannot pick a favourite. I love wirework, silverwork, macrame, beading, shibori, pearlknotting and so on, and at times I mix techniques in one piece.

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