This is me.

My name is Ylva. I was born in Sweden in the early 1970s as the youngest of four. I was a shy kid, but thanks to my lovely parents I never hesitated doing what I wanted. This lead me on a quite winding road, from doing a horse grooming course (learning to take care of horses, including replacing shoes that had fallen off) to working in a video store to help a good friend out.

I studied at Umea University, diverse subjects such as Religion Studies, English (which gave me a BA) and Library & Information Studies. While at University I met my now husband online. We spent more than 4 years keeping in touch via emails and phone calls, and when I finished University in the summer of 2000 I travelled to the UK for the first time. I met some lovely people, spent an amazing 10 days in Scotland with a lovely friend, and then I travelled to London to meet my now husband. Six months later, in January 2001, I moved to Croydon to live with the love of my life.

Fast forwarding a bit, we moved to Scotland in 2011 and I felt like I had come home. During a quiet spell I was browsing TV channels and found Jewellery Maker, and decided to buy a kit and give it a try. I have always loved crafts, doing embroidery, sewing, cardmaking and dabbling in many more. The first few years of making jewellery was just playing around, and as I learned more techniques I realised just how much I love it. Once I started doing macrame and wire weaving I was hooked…and honestly, being able to on a daily basis touch and admire gemstones of all kinds makes me so very happy.

I hope to continue sharing this love with you lovely people. One way of doing this is by doing commissions. I love working with my clients, making a piece they feel a part of by including them in the process.

I now live just outside Dunoon on the Cowal Peninsula, about an hour’s journey from Glasgow. I am part of an amazing collective of artists of all types, and feel like I have found my place on Earth.

Published by YlvasCorner

I am a Swedish woman who moved to the UK in 2001 when I found my husband. Now we live in a small community on the west coast of Scotland and I make jewellery full time. I make unique pieces of jewellery, and I enjoy commissions when I collaborate with the client so that they are part of the journey. I am happy when my clients are happy:) I use several techniques as I cannot pick a favourite. I love wirework, silverwork, macrame, beading, shibori, pearlknotting and so on, and at times I mix techniques in one piece.

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